Mother Goddess:
A Transformative Journey Through the Womb of Creativity

Essays exploring a feminine vision of the spirit:
Part 1 & Part 2

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Merlin's Maids

Moon Mother Watching Over the Birth
of Spirit:

Prayer Wheel at Odiyan:.Story

Heart Chakra: Story

Coat of Many Colors: Story

Hawkwoman: Story

Mother Goddess: Chalice of Life and

Turn to the Light:.Story

Dreams of Childhood

Summoning the Great Goddess to the
Aid of Her Earth Daughters:.Story

Aphrodite -- Eve:.Story

Goddess of the River in Reverie:.Story

Heart Sutra: The Story of this painting.

Meditation on Gratitude: Story

Morning Garden Deva at Green Gulch

A Wedding Veil of Flowers:.Story

Dharma Wheel:.Story

Arya Tara: Gaia's Great Gift:.Story

Death's White Lace Dress:.Story

Prajnaparamita Dancing to Save the Earth: Story

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