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Moon Mother Watching Over the Birth of Spirit

40 X 60 watercolor, 1981

spiritual trailblazers

the story of this painting


What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?

The world would split open.

Muriel Rukeyser(1)

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The Story of this Painting

My sister calls with news that sends shivers through my whole body. She's pregnant. It's my first close encounter with motherhood and it sends my imagination on a wild quest for the meaning, the truth of this experience. How would it feel to have another being inside of you? Would you share your dreams, emotions, thoughts, your very prayers, as well as the food you eat? Would you live in a more sacred way knowing your body was a temple that protected and nourished a new life? Contemplation of this question triggered a reverie that painted this picture . . .

The journey had begun, there was no turning back. The rainbow colored kaleidoscope passageway drew me inward with hypnotic intensity. My body was ripe with expectancy and inner knowing. The heroic stance of a Tibetan Buddhist deity seems courageous and appropriate for this momentous episode of life. A smile blooms on my lips in recognition of a love for the romantic script that I, a human being can create life. The flayed skin of a flower petal embraces my body. Its impassioned red color energizing my intention to be a good mother and projecting a camouflage, "the goddess as energy incarnate, lustrous as the scarlet hibiscus . . . made manifest from a flame issuing from the mouth of the gods. In the Tantric texts she was the source of all color as well as the form of no color, of that total darkness of the no moon night, Maharatri. Moonlight was she and sun beam, she was the color of the two twilights."(2) Being pregnant is an adventure into the unknown requiring courage, strength, flexibility and discriminating awareness--no wonder the guise of a heroine.

Projection of my desires and fantasies create the momentum that sends my lightening bolt vehicle hurtling through space towards my destiny as a mother. Revealed as dreams on the extended leg that steps first into the world, creative imagination transforms into manifestation on earth. A child is born. Reality looms in the background, the birthing process is not easy. Here the mother is really alone as a primordial forest; dark, quiet and immense, a cathedral of sacred space that resonates with the song of creation.

As a flower moves through time from bud to full blown radiance, so does the seed of spirit grow within my child's heart. The mother-creator, her own body the alchemists' lab, holds with great care the elements of life; air, earth, fire, water and ether (consciousness). The child's image she empowers with form and color.

Woman pregnant with child, became for me the artist/creator/heroine of her own life and death story. As Moon Mother she is the creator of the universe. She is the vehicle of transformation and metamorphosis, a mirror that reflects light creating images, colors, forms, sounds and tastes that fashion the world yet disguise the true nature of light. As an artist I know her innate ability to be the crescent moon ark, carrying within her frame fertile ground from which new life can emerge. Fiery vision is behind the creatress, the motivating force which propels her into the unknown, moment by moment confrontation with reality. The elements are my implements of creativity, the paint brush, color, water and the paper my moon mirror. The moon is an ancient multifaceted symbol beloved to me because it evokes the image of women of power.

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The moon in the water;

Broken and broken again,

Still it is there.


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