Having helped my mother-in-law through a difficult death, and then the death of my own mother as well, I found myself reading the Lotus Sutra. Remembering my good fortune of making pilgrimage with Tara Tulku Kensur Rinpoche to that very Vulture Peak where Lord Shakyamuni Buddha taught the Lotus Sutra, I was inspired to paint the event.

I have chosen to take as my model an 18th century thanka in the collection of the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation [item number 75]. I have reproduced a photo from their web site below my own work.

It took 8 years working off and on to finish the painting, and here it is.

Fullsize image
Details here:
Upper center
Upper left
Lower left of Buddha
Lower right of Buddha
Lower left of painting
Lower right of painting
Holding the painting

.....-- Kayla

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